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Ouray Hot Springs

No visitor should leave without soaking in the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. Ouray's 250' x 150' sulphur-free mineral hot springs is the ultimate way to recuperate from a fun day of mountain recreation.

In the summer, enjoy soaking in therapeutic hot springs water after returning from a day of hiking, four-wheeling or other outdoor activity.

Ouray Hot Springs Soaking sections of the pool vary from temperatures of 96-106 degrees. In addition to the warmer sections, there is a cool section where you can swim laps, enjoy the diving area, a game of water volleyball, or spiral down our exciting water slides.

In the winter months, after an exhilarating climb at the Ouray Ice Park, skiing adventures in the high-country, or a pleasant day of shopping Ouray's unique businesses, soaking in the hot springs is truly a restorative experience.


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