Travel Resources and Community Information

Travel Resources and Community Information

Below is a list of helpful community information and travel resources to help you plan your Colorado vacation or event. Having all the little details taken care of can mean the difference between a great vacation and one filled with frustration.

Travel Resources


Colorado has an excellent network of airports throughout the state. Denver International Airport (DIA) is a hub for the United States and Colorado. Regional airports serve Colorado’s smaller mountain towns and facilitate private planes and jets. DIA is usually the connection hub to regional airports.

Transportation – travel resources

Colorado has a shuttle service travel resource if your final destination involves ground transportation. Colorado’s popular mountain communities have a DIA shuttle service facilitating additional on-route stops.

Vehicle Rentals – travel resources

DIA and many smaller resort airports provide vehicle rentals. Of course, you can rent 4-wheel-drive vehicles that come with ski racks or fully equipped SUVs, large party shuttle service vans, and more. Off-road adventure touring is very popular throughout the state. In addition to regular transportation rentals, you can rent any off-road vehicles you desire.

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Train Travel Resources

In addition to the popular narrow gauge scenic train rides, two train lines are scenic and used for transportation. The Amtrak Zephyr Train, which originates in Chicago and runs to San Francisco, passes through Colorado and makes several stops in Colorado along the way. In Colorado, this train is called the Winter Train, as it frequently picks up passengers at Union Station in Denver and transports them to Winter Park. Another popular train is the A-Line Train, which originates at DIA and transports riders to Union Station in Denver.

Community Information and Resources

Colorado’s towns that promote tourism and business development have chambers of commerce. These organizations are excellent community resources that can help with business development and answer questions about the community.

Event Venues – Community Information

Colorado’s resort communities are experts at facilitating weddings, corporate retreats, family reunions, or just girls’ or guys’ nights out. Along with the development of gorgeous mountain communities, event centers designed with group activities in mind have also developed. These beautiful event centers are usually set in the mountains and finished with the utmost appointments.


Many couples dream of a Colorado wedding. With so many fond vacation memories or special moments experienced while in the mountains, having a wedding in Colorado is just par for the course. Finding an event venue or, even better, hiring a wedding planner is possible and something the Colorado service industry excels at. Your wedding will be one of those dreamy Colorado experiences that will not be forgotten.


Planning your Colorado getaway? The kids are coming along, too. Colorado’s resort towns are more than familiar with this scenario. You will discover that resort towns have childcare centers, and if they happen to be seasonally closed, ask about alternative options. These “kids centers” cater to infants and teenagers, but each is unique, so you must inquire. Many of these centers are near the resort’s kids’ adventure center. Hopefully, you get the picture.

Pet Care/Boarding

Colorado is a very pet-friendly state. However, there are rules regarding your dog in public places or at public dog parks. Resort towns have answered the demand for care and boarding facilities; just ask your concierge.

Education – Community Resources

Colorado has a wealth of education systems, from primary schools to the highest graduate degrees and wilderness schools of all sorts. Learn more about Colorado’s schools and educational opportunities within our mountain towns.

Worship Centers

Colorado has as many variations of religion and worship centers as there are religions worldwide. Colorado’s eclectic population has attracted every type of religion known to mankind.

Real Estate – Community Resources

There’s something about spending time in Colorado that makes you want a piece of it for yourself. Hopefully, your real estate vision and pocketbook can align. If so, you can find every imaginable type of housing, farm, or land for sale in Colorado due to the diversity of terrain in this state.


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