Art Galleries

    Stimulate your brain with surprising art work and discover new ways to be creative and express yourself.

    The exhibition of art has always been a cultural pillar in any community. Expression has always been a unifying factor in human nature, and the ability for someone to express themselves aesthetically is a universal emotion that everyone can draw from. The variety of perspectives that visual art can evoke in a person, personifies the individualism of humanity, and shows that even though we are all similar, we are all individual and unique. Ten people viewing one art piece can come away with ten different ideas of the artist’s intention. Art galleries allow you to take another perspective and enjoy the skills that these artists possess. 

    Art galleries tend to display visual art, which includes such items as paintings, photographs, sculptures, jewelry, illustrations, as well as objects from the applied arts. Although they are mostly public settings, some also allow for the opportunity of a private viewing of their art. A common trend among art galleries is to have these items collected and displayed according to a certain theme.

    Galleries in Vail display a wide range of artwork. The beautiful scenery around Vail makes an incredible viewing experience of its own, and art galleries have been known to showcase art that reflects just that. This popular, although not exclusive, artwork portrays western themes as well as natural settings that feature such visuals as large mountain ranges and flowing brooks. These are popular art pieces which display historical western and wildlife scenes to that of classic European genre. Some art galleries are known for more contemporary types of art, with a wide collection of blown glass pieces, jewelry, paintings and furniture.Other galleries display collections of paintings, sculptures and photographs from over 50 different artists. In some cases, galleries may have vast collections dedicated to specific artists, only displaying several works of fine art.

    Come visit the art galleries in Vail. Even though each gallery serves a similar purpose, each has its own individual style and character, as unique as the very art they display. If you are a collector concerned with a certain piece of art, or if you are looking for a certain artist, some art galleries are willing to research and locate that perfect art piece just for you!