Art Walk

Basalt art world is thriving.  Join in the adventure every 2nd Friday.

There are Movie Nights, Farmers Markets and Concerts in the Park – all that draw crowds to interact with emotions, sound, content and products – but nothing gets the local community walking about town and socializing among each other quite like its Art. Art has become a moving Event in Basalt.

If you haven’t attended on this night yet, make this the month to attend ART WALK – known simply as “ART B2F”… or otherwise “ART Basalt 2nd Friday”

On the Second Friday of each month six participating galleries in downtown Basalt stay open from 5-8pm to showcase their exhibits and galleries—a vibrant way to enjoy Basalt with art, music, food and friends. What started out as an event of nearly 100 on any given B2F has grown to nearly 300 attendees that have the entire historic downtown alive with bustling observers delighted by the overwhelming talent and creativity within. Visit Basalt’s fine Galleries and Studios on this night or any for a pleasant surprise.

Tania Dibbs Studio & Gallery
227 Midland Avenue #17A

Professionally Tania Dibbs is known for work in oils, encaustic (hot wax) and sculpture. More broadly she creates many projects incorporating everyday objects into her art. She is always learning, experimenting, taking notes, and making all kinds of things from scratch. She loves experimenting with materials which often imparts a new look to her various bodies of work even though the elements and ideas are recycled.

The Art Base
99 Midland Spur

A burgeoning art scene brings the small town of Basalt to life. At its core, right downtown, is the Art Base, a treasured gathering place for creativity, community and art. Through fostering creative expression in the arts for all ages and abilities, the Art Base’s education programs, exhibitions and events support and stimulate the vitality of the community.

Visit the Art Base’s Charles J. Wyly Gallery, at the Art Base during the Art Walk for an exhibition opening. The Art Base exhibits Colorado-based student, emerging, and established artists. Check the Art Base website for a vibrant schedule of art Classes for adults and youth, school programs in and outside of the classroom, and a variety of free and family community events. Through growing partner and outreach programs, the Art Base strives to make art accessible to the at-risk and underserved, including the developmentally disabled, teen parents and youth and adults in addiction recovery. The Art Base values collaboration with other nonprofits and is motivated to have social impact while building cross cultural friendships.

Calendar Highlight: August 19 (Annually, 3rd Saturday in August) The Art Base 2017 Gala and 10×10 Name Unseen silent auction.

Basalt River Park & Sculpture
Created by Wynn Buzzell

Basalt is the current curator of the exhibit of Denver-based artist, Wynn Earl Buzzell, Jr. The 5-part sculpture, titled Mōtiō 2.0, is only featured in Basalt through May 2019, so enjoy this unique art structure while you can. At Basalt River Park, view part 1 of this 5-sculpture exhibit. Then, after viewing this downtown segment during Art Walk – bike, drive or walk to view the remaining 4 parts in various locations throughout town.

Toklat Gallery
Riverside Plaza on Two Rivers Road

Toklat Gallery is where the Roaring Fork Valley’s pioneer spirit, dedication to preserving a family legacy and magnificent crafts are combined in a showcase often referred to by guests as “like a museum.” Dedicated since 1949 to fine three-dimensional handcrafted art, Lynne Mace, daughter of the legendary Mace family — Isabel and Stuart Mace, continues to honor not only her parents’ vision, but also that of the artists who are represented, some for many decades, in this gallery. The collection is deep and eclectic with a range of prices from a stocking stuffer to a major piece of art for your collection.

Colori Gallery & Studio
132 Midland Avenue

Colori Gallery is an Artist Collective where aspiring and experienced artists market and consign their art among a vibrant community of mixed mediums.

Ann Korologos Gallery
211 Midland Avenue

For more than 20 years, the Ann Korologos Gallery has specialized in Western art and artists influenced by the West. The Ann Korologos Gallery understands that the West is as varied as its breathtaking landscapes, and so is its art. That’s why they seek out artists working in all media and from all parts of the US to showcase for its gallery guests.

Midland Park & Sculpture
Created by Jayson Fann

“Jayson Fann interweaves architecture and spirit with seamless grace and beauty.” Located just behind the Basalt Library, take the bridgewalks to discover an amazing life-size fairy-like fort placed in picturesque surroundings. Admire the “Story Fort” from the ground, or take your favorite book and climb inside – this natural sculpture is a masterpiece to enjoy for all ages.

DB Gallery & Studio
227 Midland Avenue #14A

Stroll down Midland and stumble upon this unexpected corner Studio & Gallery. Here lie creative eyes known for capturing exquisite imagery of such brands as Yves Saint Laurent, Gorsuch and Adidas. Admire select pieces of these exceptional works of photography and art captured not just in this Studio but from around the world near and far.

Art of Hair Gallery & Salon
160 Midland Avenue

John Wyman, hairdresser extraordinaire is curator and stylist of the Art of Hair, art gallery & hair salon. Drop in to this Basalt hot spot during the Art B2F for some eclectic fun and lively art!

Keating Gallery
842 E Valley Road, Willits Town Center

Off the beaten “Art Walk” path, but well worth the special and very convenient trip, is family owned and operated, Keating Gallery. A combination of passion and refinement in a relaxed atmosphere retains an air of sophistication, in that no attention to detail has been missed. The spontaneous browser and the aficionado will feel equally curated to and want to stay awhile in this gem of a Gallery.


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