4th of July in Colorado – Find Your Good Times

4th of July in Colorado - Good Times for All

The 4th of July is a popular holiday in Colorado, and there are many ways to celebrate. Traditional fireworks are widespread, along with parades and summer-highlighted rodeos. Attending a traditional 4th of July event is a good choice as they often combine music, food, sports fun, and kids activities as part of the celebration. Others might choose to find solace with their compadres and head out to the woods for a get-a-way weekend. Then there are the boating or lake options, and Colorado has plenty of lakes. Celebrating “on the water” is a fun way to share the 4th of July experience. Another great option is to check into a lodge in one of the many beautiful mountain towns. Mountain town Lodging usually comes with various perks and ways to celebrate holidays. Not to mention whatever is going on in the immediate vicinity. With so many options, it’s hard to go wrong when celebrating the 4th of July in Colorado. covid 4th of july

4th of July Fireworks in Colorado

Fireworks are widespread throughout Colorado, so regardless of where you might end up for the holiday, a show will undoubtedly be nearby. Many long-standing fireworks are shown in well-known towns such as Arvada, Breckenridge, Commerce City, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Loveland, Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, and others. They all put on excellent fireworks displays and combined this featured show with food, music, and fun events leading up to the fireworks. Fun things like listening to live music, kids' water fights, running races, rodeos, light shows, beer gardens, car shows, and more. It’s hard to go wrong with any Colorado town's 4th of July celebration. Here’s the complete fireworks show list with the activities accompanying each fireworks display. covid 4th of july

A Get-a-way 4th of July Camp Out

Another popular way to spend the 4th of July in Colorado is to head to the woods. The weather in Colorado is at its prime this time of year; the foliage is peaking a vibrant green, the nights are cool, and the bugs are minimal. It’s a great time to rendezvous with your pals in the woods, get the camper out, or pop up your tent to see if your inflatable mattress still holds air. With so many trails in the vicinity, it’s a great chance to bring the mountain bikes along, the off-road buggies, or just your hiking shoes will do the trick, too. You might as well throw in the fishing rod (get a license), set up a shooting range, and don’t forget the guitar. Hanging in the woods with your gang is popular. Many folks will head out the week before to “stake their claim” (get their favorite spot), so if you have an idea of where you want to camp, you might take that tip seriously. Camp spots near fireworks shows are particularly popular, so check these sites out well in advance. Campground reservations need to be made well in advance if required.

Celebrate on the Water

Colorado is full of lakes, and many allow power boats. If you don’t own a pontoon boat, any one of the many lake marinas rents them. Getting together with your friends on the water, cruising around, swimming, fishing, having a picnic well into the evening, and watching fireworks from the boat is a good time for sure. If you need to rent a boat, make a reservation well in advance.

4th of July at a Mountain Town Lodge

If living it up is more your style, explore boutique lodging in one of your favorite mountain towns. These small hotels will surely have something on tap for the holiday celebration. Exquisite dining, in-house live music, a rustic bar, groomed grounds, spa services, access to guided experiences, and other privileges are common at these lodges. Plus, you can participate in whatever is going on in town for the holiday celebration: parades, car shows, races, music, and much more.

Celebrate at Home

Of course, there’s always the option to stay at home and celebrate. You can keep it low-key, or if you happen to be in the center of all the action, a BBQ can be a great time for all. It’s a chance to use your deck and yard, especially if you happen to have a great view of the fireworks.

The 4th of July in Colorado

Colorado has no shortage of ways to have a great time for the 4th. Enjoying life is what Colorado is all about, and fun holidays like the 4th of July give all of us even more reasons to pursue an unforgettable experience. With so many options for families, friends, and couples to find their kind of holiday experience, Colorado is a great place to be for the 4th of July. Remember to keep it safe for the best holiday experience.

Notes About Firework Safety

Driving to the Wyoming border and grabbing a few boxes of rockets and Roman candles can be tempting, but fireworks are illegal throughout Colorado. Some non-explosive types that never leave the ground—such as snappers, poppers, sparklers, and noisemakers—are permissible in some parts of the state. However, you should always check your county or municipality for specific rules and restrictions in your area and fire risks. For the complete list of laws and regulations regarding the sale and possession of fireworks in Colorado, click here.

By Emily Krempholtz

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