Dog Friendly Activities in Colorado

No need to leave your four-legged friend at home; Colorado has plenty of attractive dog activities, pet-friendly events, and welcoming establishments throughout the state. In fact, Colorado has been identified as one of the most dog-friendly destinations, with more and more canine companions in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Colorado has been named the #1 most dog-loving state in the country by Rover and, and it’s in part due to the massive number of dog activities, events, and businesses that allow and even encourage furry guests, as well as some gorgeous and amazing scenery to keep both dogs and their friends active, healthy, and inspired.


In Colorado, there are plenty of breweries and even restaurants with gorgeous outdoor patios that welcome dogs. Enjoying a pint with your pup is a fun way to spend a meal or an afternoon with your human friends, and your dog. Your furry friend will enjoy some attention and collect lots of belly rubs from staff and other patrons. Check out this list of dog-friendly breweries, with specifications on whether dogs are welcome inside the brewery or just on the patio.

Dog hiking in Colorado


The Rocky Mountains provide a stunning backdrop to any vacation, weekend trip, or daily commute through most of Colorado. Exploring these mountains is a massive draw for locals and visitors alike. If you and your dog are looking for a new setting for your daily walk, or you want to get out and discover some of the beauty of the Rockies, you’re in luck. In Colorado, many, many trails are dog friendly. (Note that National Parks in Colorado do not allow dogs in the backcountry or on any of the trails) The beauty of these mountains is something we all must take responsibility for; dog owners should keep in mind that leash laws are in effect on most trails. These laws are for the safety of other people and dogs as well as to protect the natural flora and fauna of the area; which is often delicate and easily destroyed by dogs and owners going off-trail. It’s important to clean up after your dog, which means bringing poop bags and packing it out with you. As tempting as it may be to leave the smelly bags on the side of the trail so you can “come back for it later,” it’s important to take it with you so you don’t forget. There are plenty of adorable doggy backpacks on the market, so you can even make your dog carry his own waste--and snacks and water--if you don’t want to!

 Dog Activities Camping

Camping with Fido

After an exhilarating day spent hiking, many dog owners like to pitch a tent or relax under the stars with their furry friends. Dogs are great camping companions that can help owners feel safe and keep them company on solo camping trips, or serve as a warm cuddle buddy on chilly mountain nights. Check regulations before you leave for a camping trip to see if you need to register your dog in any way at the campsite, and bring supplies like blankets, food, water, and poop bags to care for your dog while you’re out in the wild. Keep in mind that your dog should stay on leash to limit interactions with wildlife (which could be dangerous for your dog as well as for wild animals), and to be respectful of other campers who may be nearby. If your dog is new to camping, be sure to monitor their temperament, because not all dogs are well-suited for the rugged life, and a camping trip might turn out to be very stressful for them.

Dog Activities Colorado Park

Dog Parks

Maybe you’re not an outdoorsman or camping enthusiast, but you’d still like to get outside and spend some time participating in dog activities. The state is full of gorgeous town and city parks with paths for walking dogs, and Colorado’s collection of dog parks varies from small, urban off-leash enclosures to some massive areas full of hills, rocky terrain, and even rivers, lakes, and other water features. One notable example is Cherry Creek State Park’s Off-Leash Dog Area, which has over one hundred acres of flat fields and a fun, shady creek for splashing, jumping, and paddling. Another very popular dog park is in Durango, with over six square miles of enclosed off-leash terrain that includes a creek, the slope of Smelter Mountain, and trails for both humans and dogs.

Dog Activities and Pet-Friendly Events

Throughout the year, towns, businesses, and other organizations host a plethora of dog activities and pet-friendly events all around Colorado, and many of them welcome canine companions as well as their human counterparts. Some events are even pet-centric, and visitors are encouraged to bring their pets to participate. Often 5K running races, and other running events in Colorado that include or benefit dogs, like the Lucky Mutt Strut (sponsored by MaxFund, a local shelter), the 2-mile Doggie Dash which is sponsored by Boulder’s Humane Society, and the Dumb Friends League’s annual Furry Scurry. Other canine-themed events include the annual Rocky Mountain Dog Expo, the Colorado Rockies’ summer Bark in the Park event, and the Doggie Plunge, where dogs can go for a swim and enjoy a variety of water toys while humans indulge in some of the offerings from delicious local food trucks, all to benefit Freedom Service Dogs of America.

No matter what you decide to do, Colorado will keep you busy, and you’ll have fun knowing that it’s time well spent with your best friend.

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