Panel Replacement vs. Garage Door Replacement

In Colorado, garage doors provide home security and a barrier from the extreme outside elements. Keeping the garage door in good repair is vital to its ability to withstand outdoor weather extremes and the wear and tear of daily use. This article will go over when to replace garage door panel(s) versus garage door replacement.

Before you determine whether to repair or replace your damaged garage door, there are a few factors you need to consider. 

How Significant is the Damage

First, determine the amount of damage before taking any further action. If your garage door panels have sustained little damage, replace only the affected part. You can always contact a garage door company such as Capitol Garage Door Repair Arvada. They carry the necessary tools and materials for replacements, whether you need a garage door panel replacement, a new door installation, garage door cable repair, or an opener replacement.

Why Do Some Property Owners Replace The Entire Garage Door Rather Than Only The Panels?

Wear and tear on garage doors are typical throughout the year, especially damages from harsh weather conditions like hailstorms, strong winds, and heavy rains, as experienced in Colorado. Replacing panels is recommended if it wouldn't impact the garage door's function. If you have more than two damaged panels, replacing your entire garage door is often necessary as door function and the cost of subsequent issues need to be considered.

When Do You Need Panel Replacement?


If you only have one to two slightly damaged panels. It’s more efficient to replace these panels than install a whole new garage door.

Minor scuffs or cracks in a garage door can be easily fixed or replaced. However, this needs to be addressed before the function of the door becomes compromised affecting other components. These conditions left unattended will result in a much costlier repair such as panel replacement or a complete garage door assembly.

When Do You Need Garage Door Replacement

If the damage to the garage door panels is severe and causing it to malfunction. Replacing just the panels will not necessarily fix all the mechanical problems. This is especially true for older garage doors, where panels and mechanical parts are no longer available for that model. In this case, purchasing a new garage door is the only option.

Common Errors

Although some property owners think they can fix their garage door by simply tightening screws or greasing parts, this may not be enough if the panels or garage door itself is broken. In these cases, replacing the panels or the entire door might be necessary.

Color-Matching Panel Replacement

It's important to match the color of your garage door panels. Over time, the sun's rays, temperature fluctuations, dents, and other factors might cause your garage door panels to fade or turn different colors. It’s best to match replacement panels as best you can. However, painting all the panels might be necessary to eliminate any color discrepancy.

Making the Decision

If you find you need garage door repair services in Arvada, Colorado. Allow the professionals to help you make the best decision on repairing the door you have versus buying a new garage door. Ask them about parts and panel availability of your current door. Consider how old the garage door is. Listen to what they have to say as garage door professionals will have the best knowledge of this information and can tell you what the future looks like for your door. 

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