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ARISE Music Festival

May 27 - 30, 2022

1000 IL Road, Boone, CO

ARISE Music Festival creates spectacular, soulful and meaningful experiences for our participants through music, art and other modalities. We feature multiple genres of music—jam, EDM, rock, bluegrass, funk and reggae—as well as art, dance, yoga, theater, workshops and speakers. ARISE strives to inspire all of our participants to care for themselves, their community and their world.Independently owned and operated since 2012, Arise Music Festival was produced at Sunrise Ranch in northern Colorado until 2019 while expanding its audience from two to 13,000 participants. During the pandemic, ARISE purchased their own land entitled “The Cradle,” an organic ranch and farm along the Arkansas River, about two hours south of Denver. Additionally, the land contains 400 acres of irrigated grasslands and hundreds of trees. For the future, ARISE will strive to cultivate one of the most functional, spectacular and epic festivals in the world while continuing to grow our audience.

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