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Garden Dialogues 2022

Aug 13

Charlie Mountain Ranch Snowmass, CO 81654 United States

(202) 483-0553

Register now to explore the 73-acre Charlie Mountain Ranch that has been revived by Design Workshop as a diverse and ecologically-rich landscape. Resting in the shadow of adjacent peaks, Charlie Mountain Ranch is located at the end of a wide, glacially-carved valley in western Colorado. Since its settlement in the late 1800s, the property has long been valued for its fertile soils, rolling terrain, and access to the valley’s arterial creek. In collaboration with architect Pearson Design Group, Design Workshop rejuvenated the ranch as a family compound. Because the scenic, cultural, and ecological values of the ranch are integral to the rural nature of the surrounding community, designers sought to ensure that the proposed design responded to regional development patterns, wildlife habitat, wildfire prevention, creek and water conservation, and responsible land management and stewardship.

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