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Global Sisterhood Experience

Mar 09

1401 Zuni St. #106, Denver, CO


We believe that the best way to create personal change and impact in the world is through meaningful conversations with other women and girls - the lessons we can learn from one another when we bring together women of different backgrounds and ages is powerful!Please join us for a multi-generational conversation about what it means to form friendships across cultures and support women globally by learning about their struggles and their triumphs. Seeing our lives through the lens of a global citizen opens us up to new experiences and a purpose-filled life. Get ready to be inspired!Sarah Davison-Tracy's infectious passion as a global activist, bridge-builder, and person who holds the mic up to the mouths of sisters and brothers with stories to tell around the world is sure to spark your own ideas and excitement to make a difference in the world. She'll talk with Fatouma Ahmed of Ethiopia about her life as a child bride and eventual freedom.Our speakers:Sarah Davison-Tracy: Whether traveling the globe or nestled in the backyard of her home in Colorado with her renaissance-man of a husband and two beloved children, Sarah Davison-Tracy is an impassioned human rights advocate, author, speaker, and founder of Seeds of Exchange and Rooted and Beloved.
Fatouma Ahmed: Born in Ethiopia, Fatouma is an American citizen, activist and storyteller, a devout and impassioned Muslim, a mother, wife, aunt, and beloved friend to many. She'll share an intimate glimpse of several “chapters” of her life – when she was a twelve-year-old child bride, what life was like both in a refugee camp in Africa, her terrifying (and hilarious!) first experience on an airplane, being a Muslim in America post-9-11 (not easy!), and her new chapter of love and marriage. Get ready to learn a lot, belly laugh, and fall in love with a brand-new soul sister.

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