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Kids Adventure Games

Aug 10 - 14, 2023

Vail, CO

What started as a backyard fun obstacle course for a few kids turned into a nationwide ADVENTURE RACE series spanning over a decade thanks to a dedicated team of outdoor professionals, who put on a n Eco Challenge/Mountain Games – style race for kids.Now in its 14th year, the Kids Adventure Games is returning to Vail Village August 10-14, 2023. Stepping into tomorrow with extra appreciation for our environment, teamwork, grit & confidence., with an awesome partner & community of friends. This experience truly does last a life time.In teams of two, participants compete together by bike, in water and on foot through a 2.5-4 mile course featuring up to 15 man made and natural obstacles. Races are limited to 130 teams per day. The Kids Adventure Games is more than a race, it’s an event for the whole family to enjoy!

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