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Last Call 50-Mile Endurance Run

Jul 12

Fairplay, CO

Do you remember the last dance at Prom? Nervous looks around, everyone hoping to be picked to awkwardly dance to Time After Time or Stairway To Heaven. We choose you, you uncoordinated runner you. Come dance with us, we have the perfect partner for you.16-hours after the 100-mile runners have started their Silverheels adventure through these mountains, we’re making a Last Call for runners looking to take the last dance. Starting precisely at midnight, you’ll have 6 hours to navigate the course in the dark before the lights come on and you get to see who you’ve been dancing with all night. They’ll be as ugly as you remember. Your partner’s name is #Adversity, and it’s not done dancing yet. You’ll have ten more hours to get the deed done (16 hour cut-off math majors!). Will you find a new partner to dance with and finish the challenge, or get stuck dancing in the same suffer circle with #Adversity stepping all over your toes?

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