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Mile High Stair Climb

Nov 28

Republic Plaza, Denver, CO

Continuing the legacy of the Run the Republic and the Fight for Air Climb, the Mile High Stair Climb is a world-class tower running event benefiting the American Lung Association brought to you by HAL Sports.The climb is held at Denver's tallest building, the Republic Plaza, standing at 714 feet tall. Combine that with being at Mile High in altitude, and you will be climbing the highest stair climb in the world.You can choose to Soar to the Top (1 ascent, 56 flights,1,098 stairs) or show your true tower running grit and go for the full vertical mile (8 ascents, 448 flights, 8,784 stairs)!All abilities are welcome (the minimum age to climb is 8), so who is ready to climb a mile at a mile high?

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