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Tappan, Carson & the Weaponization of Slavery against the Navajo Nation

Aug 18

Fort Garland Museum & Cultural Center, Blanca, CO


Join us on August 18 for a lecture and book signing with author Matt Fitzsimons.  The book recounts the remarkable journey of Herrero Delgadito, often credited as the first Navajo silversmith, and principal headmen during the first 20 years of U.S. colonization.  Delgadito was a primary target of Lt. Col. Kit Carson’s scorched-earth campaign of 1863-64, and went on to sign the Treaty of 1868 with Lt. Col. Samuel Tappan. We’ll explore how the war against the Navajo Nation divided these two famous commanders of Fort Garland, and tested America’s commitment to the abolition of slavery.

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