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The Art of Aaron Graves, Shannon Dunn, and Samantha Disney-Saxton

July 5, 2019

427 E Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO


Cottonwood Center for the Arts is proud to present the art of Colorado based artists Aaron Graves, Shannon Dunn, and Samantha Disney-Saxton for the month of July.

Shannon Dunn’s painting style is inspired by her background in printmaking and her love for stylized, simplified drawings. Shannon paints in oils, ink, acrylic, and resin. While her work is largely focused on the human figure, she draws inspiration from the natural world, observations of social behavior, and her spiritual beliefs.

Aaron Graves approaches installations using all three of his disciplines (photography, fashion design, and display work) He does so with the intent of creating a dramatic experience that evokes a fashion magazine editorial - one that you can walk through. These installations are homage to the dying art that is window dressing, using mannequins and one-of-a-kind original hand sewn garments .

Samantha Disney-Saxton’s current installation work is a melding of several mediums including clay, and fabric passed down from her grandmother. She believes the most important heirlooms are those that contain a personal story or memory. Each individual pod in this installation is reminiscent of the embrace of a family member. This assortment of pods together are representative of her family, personal community, and her support system, along with those that she supports and cares about.

This pairing of unusual and striking installation art with equally enchanting two-dimensional work brings the gallery to life, creating a fully engaging exhibition for patrons to immerse themselves in.