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Cheyenne Mountain Ultra 10x5k

May 4, 2019

410 JL Ranch Heights Rd., Colorado Springs, CO


Interested in running an Ultramarathon but don't know if you can go the distance? Check out our race that breaks the 50k down into more manageable 5k chunks that you can tackle solo or with a team!

Solo 50k:
The fun will commence at 7 AM on Saturday, May 4th 2019. Solo 50k Competitors will run one loop around the scenic 5k course (one 5K at the top of each hour for ten consecutive hours) As long as you complete the 5k loop within the hour window, you are free to spend the rest of that hour resting, eating, stretching, hanging out with family and friends etc.

There will also be a team option so you can tackle this awesome challenge with your closest running buddies! Teams can sign up as groups of 2 (25k per runner) or 5 (10k per runner.) The order of the runners is up to you but each team will share one bib.

There will also be a single 5k option that will take place during the 5th loop of the day (11a.m.) Though the 5k runners will run the same course as the ultra runners, the 5k will be treated as a separate event. This is a great way to get everybody involved!

The race will happen rain, sleet, snow or shine. We are ultra-runners, lets not let a little weather keep us from having fun! Race will only be canceled if safety of runners is a legitimate concern.