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Concerts in the Plaza – Elder Grown

August 16, 2018

Three Springs Plaza, 175 Mercado Street, Durango, CO


Join us for Free Concerts in the Plaza series this summer!
Thursday, August 16th
All Concerts are FREE! Invite your friends and family, bring a picnic dinner and your favorite refreshments.

Featuring: Elder Grown
Funk meets Rock, Pop meets Hip Hop. Elder Grown combines the freedom of improvisational jams with their captivating, original songs. From the first song to the fourth hour, Elder Grown encourages you to break down your idea of genre and tempo with your hips and heartbeat. A personal Pandora station, Elder Grown rollercoasters listeners through seamless, rule-breaking sound. Switching instruments mid-song, you never know who is going to sing or play what next. Join Elder Grown and journey into the unrecognizable familiar.

Three Springs