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Coyote Poets of the Universe DC Release Concert

October 13, 2018

200 E. South Boulder Road, Lafayette


The Coyote Poets of the Universe is a wide sweeping blend of jazz, Americana and blues, with instrumentation to rival the biggest of bands. The stellar musicianship, camaraderie between the players and bursts of creativity make this band dynamic and exciting. This troop of minstrels is lead by KUVO’s Andy O, who was named one of 100 Colorado Creatives by Westword magazine. The Coyotes feature vocalist Melissa Gates, with violinist Josie Quick and woodwind expert John Rasmussen providing the band’s unique instrumentation. Rounding out the ensemble are guitarists Gary Hoover and Tom Carleno, Andy O on bass and drummer Shannon Spencer. Their new project, “Strange Lullaby”, is 27 unique slices of music with exceptional and unforgettable covers and unique originals with passion, power, and intensity.

"Everything is extraordinaire with this band...the rendition, the vocals...A stunning artistic vision. They have recorded a masterpiece. A really stunning band.

This album shook me up...
Music needs bands like this, that is to say with strong musical personality and artistic vision…”

Mike Penard- ISA Radio France