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Discovery Breathwork and Soul Cleanse

February 20, 2016

2775 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO

Do you understand the Law of Attraction, but find it's not always working for you? Did you know that creation can only happen when you are free of limiting beliefs and self doubts? This Discovery BreathWork event will open your subconscious mind so that you can learn what success barriers you have that you may not even know about. Let your body tell you what self-doubts you have that hold you back from living a life full of purpose and ease. Once you discover what your limited beliefs are, the only thing left to do is learn the truth. If you crave a change in your life but don't know where to begin, let us help you. Bring a small pillow, blanket and pad to lay down on during the workshop. Benjamin is a holistic life coach with training in energy, intuition, and health and wellness from San Francisco, CA.