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Escape Reality

August 7, 2019

190 S. Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO


As seen on five episodes of ‘Masters of Illusion’ and with more than 8,000 performances at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Garry & Janine Carson have been awarded “International Entertainers of the Year 2019” by the International Magician’s Society, and also awarded “Family Entertainers of Las Vegas” two years in a row by the Las Vegas Review Journal.
Escape Reality starts right off with a bang with flying silks and curtains soaring through the air! It stars Garry & Janine Carson, direct from Las Vegas, and includes several dancers and showgirls accompanying them. The show will take you through a journey of escaping reality and entering into a magical realm, transporting your mind into a state of wonder. It involves magical appearances and disappearances, swords, saws, spears and even a snowstorm. Dancers emerge from a large storybook to a princess in a castle; jewels transform into a girl; objects morph from one place to another - this show is full of adventure from start to end! It’s magic you will always remember, entertainment you will never forget.