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Get Your T On! Call For Artists

October 29, 2021

Blue Sage Center for the Arts 226 Grand Ave, Paonia, CO

The 6×6 fundraiser is getting a twist. This year, the Blue Sage Center for the Arts will be holding a T shirt Fundraiser. We need your talent and your help and hope you will consider participating in our fundraiser called “Get Your T On!” opening Final Friday, October 29.

We are seeking artists willing to draw, paint, stencil, etc., on a provided white cotton t shirt. We have 50 T shirts to give us 50 unique artistic designs to offer up for the fundraiser where each shirt will be auction off starting at $30. Use your T Shirt as the foundation for your work of art. The style, medium, and subject matter is up to you.

How it works: To participate please contact the Blue Sage. There will be 2 ways you can create your T Shirt. You can join us on a Wednesday in September and use our supplies or you can pick up your T Shirt when you are ready to create your design. Please register for Wednesday art design with the Blue Sage by emailing or calling 970-527-7243.

The T shirts will go on display and bidding will start on Saturday, October 23. Bidding will continue Tuesday through Final Friday, October 29 when there will be a reception and the bidding ending at 7 pm. The pre bidding will allow people to social distance and still participate in the fundraiser.

Each piece will be auctioned off starting with a starting bid of $30 with increased bids at $10 each and a buyout price of $100. 100% of the sales will be donated to help to support programs of the Blue Sage Center for the Arts.

We appreciate your time, energy and talents and respect that your work is of value. For 27 years, the Blue Sage has remained a mainstay for arts and cultural events in your community. The Blue Sage Center for the Arts is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that only thrives because of your generous support which keeps this community resource available to all. This year, still affected from COVID, we need to raise some serious funds.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your consideration and talent