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The Great Pumpkin Haul

October 5, 2019

Meridian Park, 9365 San Luis Ct, Englewood, CO

The Great Pumpkin Haul is about a mile jaunt through open fields, up and down hills, through a corn maze, over and under straw bales, plus some other very fun obstacles scattered throughout our brand new venue at Meridian Park in association with the Meridian Metro District.

There is a catch though: you will be covering the course carrying your very own hand-picked pumpkin! That’s right. Before the “Haul” you will have a chance to go pick out your very own pumpkin from our pumpkin patch (the pumpkin is included with entry). We will weigh it and mark it and you will be ready to go! Only the best Pumpkin Haulers will finish without dropping their pumpkin!