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Mormon Chorale Lamb of God

March 16, 2019

190 S. Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs, CO


“Lamb of God” offers a new and unique take on the Passion story in that it's told entirely through music. The music serves to heighten the innate emotion of the narrative and carry a very personal meaning to everyone who experiences it. The Gospels of the New Testament were the sole source material in the composition of “Lamb of God”. Because of this, the work is performed every year, all around the world, by thousands of musicians and singers across dozens of faiths. It is performed in concert halls, Catholic Cathedrals, Protestant Sanctuaries, Evangelical Churches, Latter-day Saint Chapels and on University campuses. Most of these performances are multi-denominational, involving members of as many as 60 different faiths in one performing group alone. In fact, the artistry of the music and storytelling is such that even many non-believers are moved to participate in or attend a performance.