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Mudra Dance

July 18, 2018

417 W. Magnolia St., Fort Collins, CO


Mudra Dance Studio, a nonprofit organization, is intent on the celebration and promotion of Diversity through the Universal Language of DANCE & MUSIC through the classical Indian dance form of “Kathak” — storytelling, along with contemporary and folk dances from India. The studio has a yearlong school for students of all ages, as well as a professional performing company. For this amazing performance, Mudra Dance Studio will perform a collage of dances from different parts of the country of India and will end with the dance of celebration from the North called the Bhangra. Enjoy these dances with live rhythmic drum beats of the DHOL from India, with the resounding Djembe from Africa and the soulful beats of TAIKO from Japan. Join them in the celebration of diversity and beauty within!