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Natural Beekeeping Workshop

February 10 - 11, 2018

Boulder, CO


Come Learn Natural Beekeeping! Everything you need to know to get setup with bees and a hive in your backyard! Session 1 covers more than just the bee basics, which is a misnomer because there is nothing basic about the bees! Corwin paints a fascinating picture of how bee genetics informs survivor behavior traits, how these traits make up the bees behavioral immune system and directly relate to survivability. In Session1 Corwin launches into the big picture of the bees as a super organism, why we teach bee keeping the way we do and designed the type of hives we use. We compare and contrast not only different hive styles generally used by the majority of the bee keepers, but we also explore the various management practices, which will clearly demonstrate how a natural Bee Guardian approach creates a sustainable habitat for the bees. Once we have the bee basics, understand the individual types of bees in the colony, are able to identify and discern the various combs and their uses in the nest, we will have the foundation to continue with Session 2 curriculum.