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Photography Seminar with Wendy Gedak

February 28, 2019

304 Hwy 105, Palmer Lake, CO


Professional fine art photographer Wendy Gedak will be this year’s judge of the annual Visions of Light Photographic Exhibition.

Gedak will also be hosting the Judge’s Seminar on February 28 at the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts. Her seminar will guide photographers through “Exploring Colorado’s Fall Landscapes,” as she talks about the best places to photograph fall color in Colorado and explains how to find peak fall color. She will also focus on creative techniques, such as shooting panoramics, sunburst, and panning.

Gedak is a nature and landscape photographer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photography was an early passion, driven by her desire to capture a glimpse of the vast landscape. Her keen eye for photography, born out of that deep appreciation and desire for nature, is demonstrated through her ability to capture light and depth, drama and character, in a scene.

Her daily inspiration comes from the magnificence that surrounds her in Colorado. She is amazed by the grandeur of the Rocky Mountain landscape. Each time she ventures out or returns to a location, whether it be the changing seasons, time of the day, or the fog lurking over the terrain, she notices something unique and original.

Wendy’s photographs portray a lasting connection with the natural elements, lighting, emotion, and events in time. She uses composition and style to craft images that awaken the senses to the beauty of visual arts.