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Riches, Ruin, and Redemption at The Lumber Baron Inn

August 12, 2017

2555 W. 37th Ave., Denver, CO


Explore one of Denver's most historic homes. Learn about its dark past. Enjoy tea and crumpets.

Victorian grandeur, fortunes amassed and lost in an instant, unsolved crimes, condemnation, mysterious architectural additions, and a miraculous recovery. John Mouat, the Lumber Baron himself, couldn't have predicted the riches-to-ruin-to-redemption destiny of his crown jewel.

Join us as we explore the hidden history of this enigmatic Denver gem with owner Joel Bryant. Joel will will walk us through space and time, sharing stories about the Inn's intriguing architecture, pockmarked past, and hopeful future. After a brief tour, Joel will elaborate while we all enjoy the Lumber Baron Inn's celebrated tea service.

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