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Tiny Art: Works Designed for Tiny Houses

June 7, 2019

427 E Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO


Cottonwood Center for the Arts is thrilled to present a juried show for the month of June, composed of artists from across the region working in a variety of mediums, with a maximum size of artwork not to exceed 8 inches in width, height, or depth.

Artists enjoy the challenge of creating within the restrictions of a small scale. Working in the realm of tiny has a sense of intimacy and required focus, when you have a limited space to create, you do so more carefully and deliberately.

There is importance and value in the concept of minimalism. This philosophy strives to create an efficient space in which to exist, all without losing appealing design, color, or style.

In theme of accommodating consolidated space, efficient design, and a minimized lifestyle without sacrificing beauty, we bring you: Tiny Art.