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"Upon What Subject Shall I Play?" hosted by Off the Hook Arts

February 6, 2020

Private Residence (address sent with ticket purchase), Fort Collins, CO


Beethoven as Improviser:

Beethoven’s music is full of hints that he was a great improviser, and we know from letters that his improvisations astounded and amazed his audiences. Gathered in private homes, often for elaborate dinners, members of the aristocracy would invite Beethoven, hoping that he would play for them and in particular that he would improvise. When he refused or seemed disinclined, he could be persuaded or even tricked into it, as was reported by witnesses. Bruce Adolphe will play and discuss examples of improvisatory moments in Beethoven’s music, read from the letters of those present at dinners where Beethoven performed, and improvise in the style of the time.

General Admission - $25 / Student - $10. From 7pm-9pm.
Ticket includes gourmet wine reception.

Hosts and Sponsors: Betsy Markey and Jim Kelly