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We Can Talk About This, Right?

July 30, 2020

10254 Highland Meadow Cir. Apt. #22-202, Parker, CO


This event will be a foundation for online discussion between all participants. Sponsoring The Borgen Project, participants will have the opportunity to freely express themselves on global topics, focusing mainly on global poverty, the pandemic and equality in a republic and democracy, along with other important issues.

This discussion will be monitored by the host to keep the discussion on a mature and educated level. Questions by said host will be provided. Many questions will be provided beforehand to help participants think about their answers. A side goal is to assist alleviate any stress, network with other people who share similar/differing views, as well as have an opportunity to participate in something while at home.

The goal will be to see each other virtually, however will adapt due to size of participants. The admission for this event is free, although an option to help fundraise/donate money will be provided on behalf of The Borgen Project.