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Zach's Chili Challenge

March 4, 2017

5303 E. Evans Ave., Suite 200, Denver, CO


Zach’s Chili Challenge is a competition between Denver chefs who will Bring the Heat and Bring the Hope to help fund children’s cancer research! There will be four categories of chili, six categories of beer, and six categories of spirits which will be voted on by attendees and a handful of local Denver celebrity judges. Don’t miss this great event and one-of-a-kind chili cook off!

Zach is a fighter. After being diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma in 2008, he has since had two relapses and is currently battling this sneaky, nasty disease called cancer. Zach is in his senior year of high school and battles through awful chemo and radiation treatments while going to school full time and getting straight As! Zach’s perseverance is an inspiration and that is why we are asking you to Bring the Heat and Bring the Hope to Zach’s Chili Challenge in support of him and other children and young adults in the fight against pediatric cancer!

Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children -- 1 in every 330 kids is diagnosed with cancer across the US each year. And yet pediatric cancer research is seriously under-funded. 

The Morgan Adams Foundation helps fill the gap between the limited pediatric cancer research dollars available and critical projects that might otherwise go unfunded. By providing seed, bridge gifts, and grants for research exploring more effective and less-toxic therapies for the treatment of pediatric cancers, we are funding hope.