How to Create a User Account

    First, you will need to be logged into your own account.  Once you are logged in, click on the button at the top of the page that says "People".  This will bring you to a page that allows you to search for existing User Accounts or add new ones.  

    To save yourself time, first search the client email's domain, (the portion of the email after the "@",) to make sure an account doesn't already exist for them or another person at their company.  (To do this, either enter the email's domain in to the "Username" or "E-mail" boxes and hit "Apply".)  If the account doesn't exist and you still need to add a new user, click on the "+ Add User" button.

    At the top of the "Add User" page, there are two tabs, Account Settings and Advertiser Settings.

    Account Settings

    To simplify the process we use the client's email address as both the address associated with the account and their username.  A password will need to be entered even though the client will change it immediately.  We always use cac123.

    The Status should automatically be checked "Active".  The Roles should automatically be checked "Authenticated user", but then you need to manually check "Active advertiser" and "Notify user of new account".

    Advertiser Settings 

    The only thing that needs to be changed on this tab is the Expiration Date.  THE EXPIRATION DATE IS VERY IMPORTANT.  If this doesn't get changed, the account will only be active for 24 hours.

    Suggested Expiration Dates:

    Annual GuidesExpiration Date
    Winter CVPJanuary 1st, following year
    Summer CVPJuly 1st, following year
    Royal GorgeFebruary 1st, following year
    Mesa VerdeMarch 1st, following year
    All AboardJune 1st, following year
    Basalt GuideJuly 1st, following year
    What's Happening Arkansas ValleyJuly 1st, following year
    What's Happening Larimer CountyJuly 1st, following year


    Seasonal GuidesExpiration Date
    What's Happening Summit County - WinterJune 1st, following year
    What's Happening Summit County - SummerDecember 1st, same year
    Vail Guide - WinterJune 1st, following year
    Vail Guide - SummerDecember 1st, same year

    Once you are done changing these settings, click the "Create new account" button on the bottom of the page and an email will be sent to the client.

    How to Create a Business Listing

    To create a business listing, follow the directions here, however before you save, you will need to change the "Authoring Information" on the bottom of the page to the client's email address.  Simply start typing the client's email address in the "Authored by" box and, if an account exists, the email will pop up.

    Lastly, under "Publishing options" select "Published," then save.