How to Create Your Business Profile

Logging In

You will receive an email from with a username and password as well as a one-time-use link to login into for the first time.  Once you login to the website you will be prompted to change your password.  Make sure it’s a password you will remember.

Adding Content

Now that you’re logged in and set up your new password, it’s time to add your content.  In the top right corner click the button that says “Add Content”.  You will be given 4 different choices on what type of content you would like to add.  If your business is a lodging accommodation, select “Accommodation”; if your business is an activity, attraction, or dining, select “Activity & Attraction”.

Once you’ve selected the type of listing you would like to create, you will see a new page with a box at the top for a “Title” and below it multiple tabs: Info, Body, Locations, Stay Listings, Visit Listings, Play Listings, Order, Images and Social.

In the ‘Title’ box put the name of your business.

Fill out the boxes with your business’s information if available.  The ‘Book’ box is for a link to your online reservation page if you have one.  The ‘Address’ box will attach a map to your listing. Physical addresses only, address must include city and state.  Make sure the “Show More” box is checked.

The body is where you will add a description of your business.

Stay Listings
If your business offers lodging accommodations, select the types of accommodations here.

If you would like to include one or more images of your business you can upload them here.  The images must be larger than 470×270 pixels but smaller than 30 MB.  File types accepted are png, gif, jpg, and jpeg.

Saving & Editing Your Listing

Once you are done filling out all of your information hit the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.  When the listing is done saving you will be shown a preview of what your listing will look like.  If you are happy with the listing, then you are done.  Your listing will not be live on the website until a site administrator approves it. Please allow up to 5 business days for approval.

If you would like to go back and make changes, either log back in or click on “Hello Username” at the top left corner.  You will see the name of the listing you just created and next to that is an “Edit” button.  You can edit and save the listing as many times as you’d like.

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