Leadville History

History Lives On! 

Our story started in 1860 with the Gold Rush and thousands of prospectors living in a rough and tumble mining camp. Twenty years later Leadville was a town of more than 30,000 residents with dozens of stores, hotels, boarding houses, dance halls, gambling houses and saloons. 

Among the most renowned of Leadville’s denizens were Horace and Augusta Tabor. Somewhat of a scoundrel, Horace left Augusta for a much younger “Baby Doe,” but he did build the famous Tabor Opera House. Molly Brown, she of “Unsinkable” fame when the Titanic sank, also was made rich by Leadville. 

Today, Leadville and Twin Lakes are a trove of history preserved in museums, National Historic Districts and mines, with walking and driving tours of the area.

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