New Castle

New Castle Colorado

With its slogan “Authentically Colorado,” little New Castle sits in the Colorado River Valley fewer than 20 miles west of Glenwood Springs. Not quite in the mountains and not quite in the high desert, New Castle enjoys a bit of both worlds at an elevation of 5,550 feet above sea level.

Ideal Weather in New Castle

Unlike its alpine cousin towns, New Castle boasts four distinct seasons – and unlike its further-west desert cousins, Blazing Summer isn’t necessarily one of them. July highs seldom get over the mid-70s, and wintertime lows are not often colder than the 20s.

Culturaly Diverse

What it lacks in size, the town more than makes up for in charm. Artists, artisans, photographers and crafters have discovered their flow of creativity in the mild climates, and music is a big part of the social life with local bands and blossoming musicians providing entertainment.

Dining is not a universe unto itself with but a dozen eateries, but the choices are enough to satisfy just about any culinary need: steaks, gourmet, pizza, deli, fast and good, diner-style, authentic Mexican, Asian and bar food. It’s all good.

Shopping opportunities are found on Main Street and at he New Castle Plaza. And as for outdoor activities, because of New Castle’s proximity to the rivers and open spaces, canyons and badlands of the high desert as well as the skiing resort areas of the mountains, there’s no shortage of things to do regardless of season. Choices include but are not limited to: biking, boating, cross-country skiing, camping, alpine skiing, golfing, fishing, horseback riding, rafting, snowboarding, hunting, golfing, and snowboarding.