Colorado Summer

Summer in Colorado

The lifestyle here in Colorado celebrates the great outdoors. Whether you're looking for a physically challenging activity like hiking, or whitewater rafting or a more laid back activity like soaking in a hot springs, riding a historic railroad or visiting a Colorado museum, we have the activity for you. The options are simply endless. You might begin by exploring scenic byways, or boating, paddle boarding, tubing and fishing on the many lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Of course, each activity is accompanied with its own spectacularly scenic views. There's more to do than hit the slopes, Colorado's heady elevations will also boost your ego as golf drives travel up to 15% farther in the thin air than they do at sea level!

Summer is one of the best things about Colorado, with 300+ amazing days of sunshine every year. Experience one of the many stunning Rocky Mountain sunsets, races and contests, unrivaled outdoor concert venues, food and wine festivals, golfing, horse riding, hiking, rafting and much more. Colorado summers will stimulate your body, calm your soul and wipe away your worries.