Ouray Hiking Adventures

Hikes – Short and Sweet

Box Cañon Falls Trail

Distance: 1/2 mile  |  Hiking Time: Less than 1 hour

If you haven’t seen Box Cañon Falls, consider it a must.  After you’ve been into the canyon and seen the falls itself, you have the option of climbing a series of stairs and then following a 1/4-mile trail to a bridge far above the canyon.  The views from there are spectacular.

Getting There:  The entrance is two blocks up hill at the west end of Third Avenue.  During the summer months there is a small fee to see the falls but it is worth twice what they charge.

Lower Cascade Falls Trail

Distance: 1/4 mile  |  Hiking Time: 45 minutes round-trip

Cascade Falls is the waterfall in the northeast corner of Ouray, visible from almost any location in town.  The hike to the base of the falls is worth the time and effort.  Children love this short hike.

Getting There: You can reach the falls by hiking uphill from Main Street and 8th Avenue.

Portland Trail

Distance: 3.8 miles  |  Hiking Time: 3 hours

This trail is easy and great to do with children.  The trail follows Portland Creek that meanders through the basin above the Amphitheater.  This trail makes a tour fo this beautiful, rolling basin and grains only 900 feet along its various ups and downs.  The trail ends in the campground.  From there, walk downhill on the paved campground road to your car.

Getting There:  The trailhead starts a short distance up the dirt road just after you turn onto Amphitheater Campground Road.  Park your car at the base of this dirt road and hike to the trailhead.

Hikes – Longer/Moderate

Oak Creek – The Oak Creek Overlook Trail

Distance: 3.3 miles  |  Hiking Time: 4 hours

Both the Oak Creek and Twin Peaks Trails follow the same path for the first mile.  At the point where they split, take the left fork, following signs saying Oak Creek Trail.  After branching off, you reach this picturesque canyon after one-half mile, and the Falls shortly thereafter.  For a moderate hike return once you reach this creek crossing.

Getting There: From Oak Street, on the west side of town, walk straight up Queen Street.  Follow the road as it curves slightly to the right.

Hikes – Difficult/Technical

Twin Peaks Trail

Distance: 5.6 miles  |  Hiking Time: approx 5 hours

This hike is extremely deceptive.  It starts out rather mildly, following the same path as the Oak Creek Trail.  After it splits off, it can become extremely demanding, challenging even the most avid hiker.  It can be windy and cold at the top so be sure to take a jacket along for protection.  Many of the published aerial photographs of Ouray have been taken from this spectacular vantage point.

Getting There: From Oak Street, on the west side of town, walk straight up Queen Street.  Follow the road as it curves slightly to the right.

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