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Colorado Pet-Friendly Activities


Welcome to Dog-Friendly Colorado

Colorado is widely regarded as one of the most dog-friendly states in the US. Our vast outdoor spaces make it an ideal destination for dogs to play and enjoy themselves. It’s no wonder that Colorado is considered a haven for our furry friends.

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Dog-Friendly Things To Do

Colorado Parks

Hiking and exploring Colorado’s parks. Step up your walk with your dog and consider taking your dog with you on a hike or visiting one of many Colorado State Parks.

Camping with Your Dog

What better way to enjoy Colorado and the outdoors than to bring your favorite friend along?

Urban dog parks

With the popularity of Colorado continuing to grow. These new urban spaces have not forgotten our furry friends. Colorado has some of the country’s best dog parks and off-leash areas.

Dog Activities and Pet-Friendly Events

A lot is happening in Colorado, and many of Colorado’s events focus on pets or welcome you to bring your dog.

Colorado, Home to Dog-Friendly Places and Responsible Pet Owners

We all love enjoying Colorado with our loved ones and pets. There are rules to help keep our parks and pet-friendly places special for years to come. Before you head out, it’s best to know what’s expected of you. Learn more about dog-friendly activities and owner responsibility.

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Colorado River Runs

Colorado River Runs

Let us guide you to the best of Colorado’s rivers. From plunging rapids the will test your cool, to calm backwaters and deep canyons that will cool your soul, we’re here to safely show you the way. Rafting is the number one summer activity in Colorado, and for good reason. The narrow canyons become passageways to the ancient layers of sedimentary development. Broad flood plains open to reveal mountain vistas in the distance. Thrilling rapids will make you want to return again and again.

Colorado River Runs offers rafting on the Colorado River and the Eagle River. Both rivers provide the right combination of breathtaking views and exciting whitewater. The Colorado River has scenic mountain vistas and lighter rapids and is great for families. The Eagle River plunges down the Vail Valley in a torrent of fun and excitement and is recommended for thrill seekers. No matter which river you choose, we are certain that you’ll find that our Colorado whitewater adventures are the absolute best.

We are driven by safety and guest care. Our rivers are carefully chosen for fun and accessibility. Everyone wears a Coast Guard approved life jacket and a safety orientation is given before the rafts depart. Our guides are skilled professionals. Our rafts, life jackets and safety gear are the best available. We’re proud that after 50 years our safety record remains perfect. Established in 1973, we are among the original river outfitters in Colorado. We are the only locally owned rafting company on the upper reaches of the Colorado River.

Raft With Your Dog!

Lots of our guests want to raft with their dog(s). We have a river trip on the Colorado River that we’ve specifically designed so that you can bring your best friend. The Colorado has light rapids, deep swimming holes and sunny beaches for you to frolic with your pup. We can accommodate up to 8 people and 2 dogs. This trip is available on a limited, private basis and we normally have availability.

We’re dog lovers ourselves and, with great care, we’ve rafted with Great Danes, Retrievers, Border Collies, Aussies, Doxies, Bernies, Boston Terriers, German Shepherds, Huskies, Mixies and many more. We have no weight limits. Call us at (970) 653-4292 for more information and available departures.

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Things to Do in Durango, Colorado

Located in Southwest Colorado at the foot of the San Juan Mountains, Durango is an escape from the ordinary. This mountain town has many claims to fame, including mountain bike mecca, the best water town, the best scenic train ride, top family ski resort, and even the dog-friendliest destination. Discover for yourself what makes this area a unique and memorable place for people of all types to visit and enjoy.

All Seasons in Durango

Durango’s southwest location and proximity to the mountains ensure the seasonal experience. Even better, during seasonal transitions, you can participate in winter and snow sports at higher elevations or take a short drive further southwest and jump into summer fun. Locals appreciate this feature, and Durango does a great job of promoting seasonal events. You will surely find something going on at any time of year in Durango.

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Durango Scenic Train

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