Rafting the Arkansas River

With its easy access and nearly continuous rapids, the Arkansas River is the most rafted river in the world.

Rapids range from mellow Class II to raging Class V along the stretch that runs through Fremont County. Because of the diverse range of whitewater offered, local outfitters draw everyone from families to adrenaline junkies.

Ride the Rapids

The Arkansas River starts at the Continental Divide near Leadville, Colorado and offers various levels of rafting. The river drops 10,000 feet in the first 125 miles as it flows through Lake, Chaffee and Fremont counties, providing some of the best-known big-water rafting in the nation.

Mellow Floats

For a laid back trip, take a half-day trip through Bighorn Sheep Canyon. This is a great trip for families with young children and those who prefer taking in the scenery over taking on rushing whitewater. Thanks to the diverse stretches of water in the Royal Gorge Region, rafters can enjoy calm water and mellow floats practically year-round.

Cañon City Whitewater Kayak & Recreation Park

A project that’s been many years in the making, the Cañon City Whitewater Kayak and Recreation Park officially opened in the summer of 2010. Funded by a $200,000 Greater Outdoors Colorado Grant and generous local contributions, the park features two man-made waves for kayakers, rafters and boogie-boarders to surf and play on while onlookers enjoy a wading pool and sandstone sideline seating. The park hosts an annual Whitewater Festival in June. It is located where 3rd Street meets the river in Cañon City, near the old steel bridge.


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