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So, you’ve decided to check out snowboarding and need to find a snowboard rental nearby. A good choice, really. In Colorado, the resorts have upped their game regarding facilitating snowboarders. Most Colorado resorts have terrain parks and half-pipes specific to snowboarding. Then there are the cruiser runs, chutes, and powder stashes. Snowboards vary from well-rounded types, which are great for general area use, to more specialized snowboards.

While in Colorado, you will find snowboard rentals are plentiful. Click below to find a snowboard rental near you.

Check out this breakdown on snowboards. It will help you determine what type of rider you are and what snowboard would be best for you. 

Types of Snowboards

Beginner Snowboarders

Suppose you are new to the sport and want to check it out. Let the snowboard technician at the rental shop know this. They will likely be able to select the best snowboard for you and the resort, daily snow conditions, and your physique.

Borrowing a Snowboard

Unless the snowboard you are borrowing is your size and in good repair. This might not be worth it. Considering the price of a lift ticket, you should just rent a snowboard that’s going to give you the best ride. Skip trying to save some bucks. It’s worth spending the money on a decent snowboard and having more fun because of it.

DEMO Snowboards – Buy a Snowboard

Many snowboard rental shops sell snowboards and equipment. If you are considering buying a snowboard demo – ing a few is your best option.  Ask about this, and you will discover that this is possible. The best case scenario is to find a slopeside shop that will allow you to trade snowboards throughout the day. Check our several and make back-to-back comparisons. 

DEMO Snowboards 

Often shops will have demo days or something like that. Such as a brand representative will be set up for people to check out snowboards. No pressure to buy.



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