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    More Flights and Year-Round Service to Telluride and Montrose

    Dancing in Town Park at a music festival, celebrating a mountain-town Fourth of July, exploring the summertime San Juans and immersing yourself in the box canyon’s stunning fall colors all just got even easier thanks to enhanced air access to Telluride and Montrose. Continuing to build on momentum over the past several summers, Colorado Flights Alliance has secured a major jump in flights to Montrose and Telluride regional airports for both the coming season as well as year-round. Air access to the Telluride region has never been so robust, according to Colorado Flights Chief Operating Officer Matt Skinner.

    Major new summer additions include daily Phoenix to Montrose flights and Chicago to Montrose Saturday service on American, and extended daily Chicago to Montrose flights through Labor Day on United. Added to those options, year-round service is back at the Telluride airport with 10 flights weekly to Denver on United partner Great Lakes, and the daily Dallas to Montrose service is now operating 12 months a year, with larger jets during the summer season. Houston to Montrose United daily service will run again from June to Labor Day, and core Denver to Montrose United service also runs multiple times per day year-round.

    The additions translate to a 47 percent increase over 2016 in summer flight departures at the combined Telluride and Montrose airports, and a 27 percent increase in available summer seats. “The continued major jumps in summer and year-round air service for the Telluride region are excellent signs of regional economic growth, and great additions to the travel options for both our local residents and incoming visitors,” says Skinner.

    Adds Michael Martelon, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Telluride Tourism Board: “This summer promises to be firing on all cylinders with the newly minted, year-round service. As we market the region, Colorado Flights Alliance continues to make our destination more easily accessible for our guests to experience all that Telluride, Mountain Village and the region have to offer.”

    Year-Round Flights

    Dallas (DFW) to Montrose (MTJ)AmericanDaily
    Denver (DEN) to Montrose (MTJ)United3-5x daily
    Denver (DEN) to Telluride (TEX)Great Lakes-United1-2x daily