Town + Mountain

Being in the Mountains Feeds Your Soul.

Whether it’s a wander through the woods, reaching the bottom of the ski slope after your best run of the day or dancing at an outdoor festival, it’s easy to forget your day-to-day responsibilities and truly enjoy your surroundings while nestled among the majestic Rocky Mountains.

A simple stroll through a charming mountain town while ducking in and out of unique shops can make you feel like a local. Copper Mountain and Frisco are neighbors; just six miles apart with all this and more. Here, there are always opportunities to learn new tricks, try new things and meet new people to make your mountain adventures unforgettable. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills, “Can You Take Me Higher?” will help hone your winter prowess. If you’re in search of tips on good eats, you won’t want to miss “28 Things You Must Eat.”

Sure, the outdoors are always good for your soul, but what about tasting delicious locally sourced food, sipping on an artisan coffee or cocktail and taking in the amazing events and breathtaking views that you can’t find anywhere else? We have those too. “Find Your Winter Bliss” gives you a place to start based on your budget and interests. Town + Mountain combines it all into one beautiful insider guide. Across the span of six miles we welcome you to find endless adventures and, of course, fun.

Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, Town + Mountain is not only your go-to guide for all things Frisco and Copper Mountain; it’s a glimpse into our whole mountain community. Welcome, and please enjoy.