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Fun Activities in Colorado

Colorado is a favorite place because of its various fun activities. The list is long and includes suitable things to do for groups, and individuals, high-action fun, relaxing, or mentally stimulating activities. Here are some favorites for you to consider:

Group Fun Activities

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Relaxing Activities 

  • Health & Wellness Spas - some of the best spas with a complete selection of services are easily found in resort towns.
  • Natural Hot Springs - are found throughout the state. Some are complete with spa services, lodging, and more. Others are more out of the way and completely natural.
  • Swimming Pools - found throughout Colorado.
  • Marijuana Dispensaries - really take the edge off and enjoy your vacation time.
  • Nature Walks, Sightseeing, Wildflowers - enjoy a stroll through the many public parks, gardens, and neighborhood paths.

Interactive Fun Activities

  • Shopping - small town shops, farmers markets, and modern shopping/activity centers.
  • Music & Concerts - various venues exist, such as outdoor concerts, local pubs, and concert halls.
  • Arcades - mostly found on the Front Range.
  • Events - holiday events or events for almost any reason imaginable. Resort towns go all out, as do many of the bigger metropolitan areas.
  • Museum Tours - plenty of museums in Colorado to explore and learn about Western heritage.

Sporting Fun Activities

Choose Your Colorado Fun Activities

Whether you're looking for a physically challenging activity like skiing, hiking, or whitewater rafting or a more laid-back activity like soaking in hot springs, riding a historic railroad, or visiting a Colorado museum, Colorado will not disappoint. These are just some suggestions; Colorado has even more fun activities, seek, and you shall find.