Colorado Transportation

Colorado Transportation

That old saying “you can’t get there from here” doesn’t apply in Colorado because, thanks to Colorado transportation systems, you can get anywhere you want.

Colorado transportation commuter plane

Colorado Airports

Colorado transportation includes our international hub airport in the middle of the state, Denver International Airport (DIA). Not only does this airport act as a hub for the United States, and provides international air access. It is a hub for all of Colorado's small mountain community airports. Most likely, if you are flying into one of Colorado's smaller towns, you will actually land in Denver and switch to one of the several commenter flights that access these communities. Additionally, many shuttle companies have multi-day shuttle services between DIA and mountain communities. 

Plus, regional, reliever and general aviation airports are across the state.

Train and light Rain Serves Colorado

Light rail serves Denver and Golden. This mass transit provides alternative Colorado transportation for commuters along the Front Range and some mountain communities. Amtrak’s California Zephyr makes daily runs from San Francisco to Chicago and stops in Denver for passengers. The Winter Park Ski Train runs between Denver and Winter Park in the winter.

Major Highways that Cross Colorado

Colorado was once difficult to travel through, with few to no highways. Today there are the following major highways that make traveling across or through Colorado much easier. Do keep in mind that many internal highways include high mountain passes. Many of which will challenge your driving skills in the best weather. Be prepared with a well-equipped vehicle and carry safety equipment just in case.

Check Colorado CDOT Mountain Pass Conditions via these webcams