Plan your Colorado Camping Trip

With spectacular scenery and mild summer temperatures, there could truly be no better way to experience the Colorado outdoors than by camping.

From the desert of the Colorado National Monument to serene Mountaintop lakes, rushing rivers and grassy plains, Colorado's outdoors has something for every camper's taste. Colorado's myriad of camping destinations offer idyllic untouched wilderness, cool summer weather and boundless outdoor opportunities for camping. You need only choose your style of camping.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Camping

A very popular way of camping in Colorado is by RV. The freedom of traveling by RV gives you access to any destination the road will take you. Experience high mountain vistas and travel through quaint mountain towns. Stop at local farmers markets and musical events. Find out of the way campsites. Learn more about RV camping in Colorado. Most campsites that facilitate RV campers do require reservations. However, BLM is always open to RVs and some National Forest locations will be available too.

Cabin Camping

Finding a cabin to vacation in can be just the kind of Colorado outdoors you have in mind. There are a variety of cabin rentals out there. Many Colorado State parks have cabin rentals and this is true for National Parks as well.  Private campgrounds or Mom & Pop lodges will often have cabins too. Cabins can be a super relaxing way to go. With no limits on what personal effects to bring along such as a hammock, a canoe and your dogs. This can be a nice relaxing getaway without sacrificing your comforts.


Some Cabin Camping Suggestions

Tent Camping 

Camping by way of a tent. If you are serious about getting remote, tent camping is the way to go. Even if you choose to car camp with a tent, your options of finding a campsite without a reservation go way up. If you find your favorite campground full just look for the National Forest. Although there are National Forest campgrounds you don’t have to camp in a designated area. The National Forest is open to the public but please be mindful of packing out whatever you bring in and read through these rules for forest visitors.


The best way to really experience the beauty and wonders of Colorado is to backpack. Colorado has some of the most scenic and challenging trails in North america. However, backpacking in Colorado is really for the seasoned enthusiast. To begin with you need to have hiking fitness and be able to carry a heavy backpack. If you are a total newbie, find somebody who is experienced to go with you. Backpacking is the opposite of RV camping, as all your essentials need to be scaled down to a miniscule size or completely left behind. It’s best to do a couple of overnight trips before heading out for several days. This will help you understand your equipment and how to organize for a longer trip. You need to be comfortable with maps and a compus as well. Spend time hiking with a map so you get a feel for navigation. That being said, backpacking is the most exhilarating and refreshing way to experience the wilderness.

Colorado temperatures can fluctuate dramatically from day to night and wildlife are plentiful. Always remember to be smart about food storage and be prepared with survival essentials like sunscreen, maps, first aid kits, proper clothing, and drinking water.

For information on forest service campgrounds, including location, availability, reservations and services, visit the National Forest website at or