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Geo Explorer Hike

Jul 18

229-297 Mapleton Avenue Trail Parking Boulder, CO


Join famed Mountaineer Lucy Westlake and Elley Ringo of "Elley Knows Rocks" for an exhilarating Geology Hike at the majestic Mt. Sanitas Trail in Boulder, Colorado. Experience the beauty of nature while learning about the fascinating world of rocks and geology! The renowned geologist Elley Knows Rocks and the youngest woman to summit Mt. Everest, Lucy Westlake will be your guides. They will take you on a journey of discovery, unraveling the mysteries of the geological formations along the trail. Get ready to deepen your understanding of the earth's history as you navigate through the picturesque landscapes. Throughout this hiking adventure, you'll learn about different types of rocks, their formation processes, and their significance to the earth's structure. You'll also get to see and touch some of these rocks firsthand. This event is not only a chance to learn but also a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with other hiking and geology enthusiasts. $100 per person (Ages 8-Adult)

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