Health & Wellness

    St. Thomas More Hospital is the Royal Gorge Region’s connection to quality health and wellness services. We offer 24-hour emergency/trauma services, Centura Health Urgent Care Cañon City, The Birth Place and more.

    Particularly during peak travel season, we treat illnesses and injuries that people experience during outdoor recreational activities. For your safety and preparation, we encourage you to carry your medication list, emergency contact information, and a first-aid kit with you. Here are some additional tips:

    Heat Exhaustion/Stroke

    Dress in layers for varying weather; wear sunglasses, sunscreen. If you feel fatigue, nausea, headache, excessive thirst, rapid heartbeat, muscle cramps, etc., get to air conditioning/shady area, rest, drink water, apply ice towels. Get medical care immediately; delay of severe cases can be fatal.

    Snake Bites

    The hospital carries anti-venom medication. Get medical care immediately; delay could lead to loss of limb or death.

    Altitude Sickness

    For headache, no appetite, nausea/vomiting, weakness, dizziness, etc., go to lower altitude, rest, drink water, and take medication for headache. If symptoms worsen, get medical care immediately.

    Orthopedic Injury

    For foot/ankle injury, use shoe as stabilizer; for broken bones, stabilize, ice, elevate; take anti-inflammatory medication; needs timely evaluation. If open fracture, get medical care immediately to avoid infection.

    ER or Urgent Care?

    If symptoms are sudden, serious and/or life-threatening, visit the St. Thomas More Emergency Room. Examples: difficulty breathing, chest pain/pressure, fainting/dizziness, sudden/severe pain, uncontrolled bleeding, severe/persistent vomiting/diarrhea, difficulty speaking.

    For minor injuries or illnesses that require attention but do not suggest an immediate threat to your health or life, consider Centura Health Urgent Care Cañon City. Examples: minor injuries/lacerations, eye discomfort/redness, minor fractures/sprains, urinary symptoms, coughs/colds, fever, flu, sore throat, skin rashes/infections.