Colorado Adventure Vacations

Just the word Colorado conjures up thoughts of adventure. There was a time when Colorado was the wild west and that spirit stays alive today throughout Colorado's cities and resorts. Attractions all over Colorado provide thrills and excitement for all who choose to find them. When you're in Colorado, be prepared to feel the crisp and clean mountain air smack your face as you ski or snowboard at one of Colorado's 26 ski areas. At the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, you can be thrown out over the edge of the Royal Gorge canyon at speeds over 50mph and 1200 feet above the Arkansas River only to be sucked back to land as you ride the world's highest Skycoaster.

Need more? The Canyon Flyer at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is the United State's first alpine coaster. Individual cars race 3400 ft. through trees and down mountainsides. But that's not all. Colorado has long been known as a whitewater rafting paradise. In late April and early May, Colorado's rivers swell with water from the mountain snow melt peaking in June lasting through the summer. Raft trips vary from the wild (Clear Creek, Royal Gorge and Brown's Canyon) to the mild (Colorado River & Big Horn Sheep Canyon). It's best to let a guide take you through the Colorado rapids and Colorado has a number of certified and licensed rafting companies. Not enough for you yet? We've selected some other thrilling and exciting Colorado adventures below. Just click to learn more about any of them and get ready to feel the crisp mountain air smack your face.