7 RV Upgrades to Make You Feel at Home

RV Travel Comfort

RV travel and living are fun and affordable. By making a few simple upgrades, you can enjoy many of the same comforts at home. While there are certain limits to what you can do in an RV compared to a house or other dwelling, many creative solutions are still available for transforming your lifestyle on the road into one that is as comfortable and cozy as if you were at home. Here are some ways to make your RV feel more like home. rv upgrades campsite

Invest in a Reliable RV Energy Source

Power and energy are essential for any home, so you should ensure that your RV is equipped with a reliable source of electricity. If you're living off the grid, solar generators can be great investments to ensure you never run out of power. They can also be helpful if you're camping in areas without hookups or nearby power sources. Consider investing in an RV power inverter to help you get the most out of your batteries. When shopping for a solar generator, read reviews or ask questions on RV forums to determine which models work best. The appliances you want to run will also determine the size and type of generator you need. Consider investing in an RV power monitor to help you keep track of your energy consumption.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are an easy RV upgrade and essential for creating a cozy atmosphere at home and in your RV. Investing in comfortable mattresses, pillows, and blankets can make a massive difference in the quality of your sleep. You should also consider adding some plush rugs and curtains to your RV, as they can help add warmth and texture to your space. Adding pillows, cushions, or throws can make your RV more inviting and comfortable. Look for durable yet soft and cozy fabrics to ensure they last while you're on the road. You can hang up art or photos for a more personal touch for the walls. If you don't have the space for frames, try using removable wall decals or painting directly onto the walls with washable paint to create your unique design.

Add Some Homey Lighting

Lighting can make or break any space, so ensure you get the right kind in your RV. You can create a cozy ambiance with soft string lights or even battery-powered LED tea lights scattered around your living area. Adding lamps on each side of the couch is also a great way to provide both task and ambient lighting. LED strip lighting, either in warm or cool tones, can also be used to add a modern touch. Remember to include dimmer switches to adjust the brightness according to your mood; it's a great way to add atmosphere and create a relaxing environment. Consider installing some built-in lighting fixtures if you want a more permanent solution. Look for energy-efficient models that will only drain your batteries slowly.

Bring Nature in With Plants

Plants can instantly add life and color, and an easy RV upgrade to make your RV space feel more like home. Look for low-maintenance varieties that can survive the conditions of an RV without needing too much care and attention. Succulents, cacti, and air plants are good choices as they require very little water and sunlight. Consider adding some hanging baskets or window boxes filled with flowers to add a bit of nature to your RV if you need to figure out what plants will work best for your RV, research or talk to a local nursery for advice. The key is choosing your plants wisely, and don't forget the watering can or spray bottle to keep them healthy. Finally, add some plant stands or shelves to display your green friends in style.

Allow Kids to Decorate Their RV Space

If you're traveling with kids, involving them in the RV decorating process is crucial. Letting them choose items for their sleeping spaces will make them feel more at home. Look for space-saving solutions such as a bunk bed or foldable mattress that can be easily stowed away when unused. You can also let kids participate in the wall decor by allowing them to hang up their artwork or photographs. If you're worried about damage to your walls, try using removable stickers or frames for an easy and child-proof solution. However, it's important to remember that the RV is still your home and should reflect your style too. While it's great to involve kids in decorating, ensure you have clear guidelines on what items are allowed.

Invest in Storage for RV Travel Comfort

Once you embark on RV travel plans, you must accept that space will constantly be limited. Investing in proper storage solutions can help you maximize the available space. Look for multi-purpose items like ottomans with built-in storage or under-the-bed boxes that can hold your clothes and other belongings. Adding shelves and hooks is also a great way to keep your items organized and off the floor. If you're feeling creative, try making your storage solutions from old crates or wooden pallets that can easily be transformed into shelves or cupboards. Remember the outside of your RV, too. Installing hooks or bike racks is a great way to keep your outdoor gear off the ground and ready for your next adventure. Suppose the kids must finish their summer schoolwork before heading out for more fun. In today's world, kids can simplify all their study tasks by using custom writing online tools, calculators, and the internet. Most RV parks provide internet access, but not all. You should find out ahead of time if Wi-Fi is available.

Bring Some of Your Favorite Items From Home

Nothing can brighten up a space like a few of your favorite items from home. Whether it's a vintage trinket, an old family photo, or a piece of art you created yourself, bringing some of your items into the RV can add a personal touch to the decor. Consider bringing furniture pieces, such as chairs or side tables you already own, to create a homey atmosphere. Accessories such as colorful throws and rugs can also help to make the space more inviting and cozy. Be sure to find the perfect balance between your items and the RV's existing decor to ensure the overall look is cohesive. Adding a few personal touches that reflect your style is the key to making your RV feel like home. Try out these simple RV upgrades when getting ready for your next vacation. If done well, your RV adventure will become even more satisfying, fun, and relaxing with attention to these simple RV upgrades.

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