A Colorado Wonder

America's Royal Gorge Bridge

Did you know Colorado is home to an architectural wonder that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places? Trademarked America's Bridge, the Royal Gorge Bridge allows visitors a panoramic view of the Royal Gorge and surrounding mountain ranges. Taking only 7 months and costing $350,000, the bridge was built in 1929 and stood as the tallest suspension bridge in the world for over 7 decades. It is 956 ft above the Arkansas River and currently holds the title of the highest suspension bridge in America.

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park Aerial Gondolas

Cross the Royal Gorge

In addition to walking across the Royal Gorge Bridge, guests can also ride on the Aerial Gondolas. These gondolas are the longest single-span gondolas and traverse the gorge from the north rim to the south rim and back. With floor-to-ceiling windows, guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy the views.

If that’s enough adventure for you, settle your nerves while you take a few minutes to visit the Plaza Theater for a 20 minute documentary. This informative and entertaining show covers the Royal Gorge region from the very beginning (we’re talking being carved from water millions of years ago) to present day. Learn all about why and how the bridge was built, how we survived the 2013 Royal Gorge Fire, and much more.

Royal Gorge Bridge Skycoaster

Now, for those who are just getting started and need an additional adrenaline boost (because standing 956 ft on a slightly swaying bridge just isn’t enough for everyone), we have the Cloudscraper Zipline and the Royal Rush Skycoaster. Our Zipline is the highest in America. It’s hands-free so you can relish every moment as you zip across the gorge. The Skycoaster was named the scariest in the world. We know why – you drop almost 100 ft and then swing out and over the Royal Gorge!

Royal Gorge Via Ferrata

We certainly can’t forget about the Royal Gorge Via Ferrata. This is the ultimate climbing and mountaineering experience. Guests get the chance to hike down the side of the gorge and then climb out. Talk about unparalleled views that most don’t get to see. This experience is done with a trained guide and is absolutely exhilarating.

The Bridge and Park is located an easy 1 hour drive just south of Colorado Springs and we’re close to lots of other great adventures. Ride an historic train through the bottom of the gorge or to the top of Pikes Peak. Check out class 4 and 5 rapids on the Arkansas River. Visit an award-winning winery at the Holy Cross Abbey just 15 minutes from the Royal Gorge. The Sangre de Cristo Nouveau just won Double Gold at the Sunset International Wine Competition! Or dare yourself to stop at the Colorado Prison Museum. Housed in the former women’s facility and next to the oldest prison in the Colorado DOC system, you’ll get a glimpse of artifacts from past inmates and staff.

Colorado has some truly awe-inspiring and interesting places to visit. Come to the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park where the adventures always abound!

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